About Me

I’m a 30ish year old professional, recently married, works in HR who has mild Cerebral Palsy. My disability doesn’t define me but it has added a lot of pain and absurdities into my life. This is just my humorous outlet to daily stresses with lots of reminiscing. Situations that I never spoke out about or shared but definitely should have and will do so now.

I will share my pain, insecurities, and experiences that stem from having Cerebral Palsy. I will discuss the triumphs and successes I’ve accomplished despite the hardships. I’ll share funny stores and vent about random occurrences, family, and friends.

One of my first loves has always been human behavior and counseling. I’m often fascinated and flabbergasted by people’s behavior, thus I have a Masters degree in Mental Health and Counseling. But after 7 years in the social services and counseling field I switched to Human Resources, so now I also have an MBA. Getting the MBA and working full time (plus planning a wedding and moving to our new home) were two of the most difficult years I’ve ever gone through; and the MBA just went to further emphasize how horrendous I am with numbers.

Most importantly though, it’s vital to laugh at myself and the situations I’ve been through. Life itself is never easy. Life with a disability and being part of one the most marginalized groups out there can cause a tremendous amount of anger and depression. Instead, I try my best to appreciate the good things in my life and either laugh at the rest or adapt a “fuck off” attitude. This outlook on life has served me pretty well.

I also hope to help shed light on some of the daily hardships people with disabilities experience which abled bodied individuals can take for granted. For example, if you’re a woman or a guy with longer hair… try putting your hair up in a pony tail with one hand. Or try carrying a mug of coffee across the room when you have constant body spasms. The point is not pity. The point is to show understanding. We may do things differently, but we can do them. This is part of our independence that we value very much.

I’m getting off my soap box. We’ll see where the rest takes us.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of any of my past and current employers. Further, my opinions are my own and are not endorsed by any former or current employers.

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