Tools and Tricks for Parents with Physical Disabilities

Having a baby when you have a physical disability presents so many more challenges and obstacles aside from just having a baby. Unfortunately there are not many tools or equipment for disabled parents to take advantage of in the United States. However, you can find things outside of the US. Also use your creative mind … Continue reading Tools and Tricks for Parents with Physical Disabilities


COVID and Conception?

Life is funny, isn’t it? You never know when the next pain in the ass thing is gonna come your way and toss your world upside down or at least cause significant disruptions in your everyday life. Obviously, COVID 19 pranced into all of our lives in the last several months and just fucked almost … Continue reading COVID and Conception?

Interviewing is the Worst – Part 1


Interviewing is the worst. I believe this statement can be true across all kinds of people in the able-bodied community and in the persons with disabilities community. However, I have found interviewing can be especially painful when you have an obvious physical disability. Then people can automatically make judgments based almost solely on preconceived notions … Continue reading Interviewing is the Worst – Part 1

Et Tu, Medicus? You too, Doctor?


Near the end of Summer in 2012 I was getting ready to begin a counseling internship that was required in order to graduate and then earn my license in counseling after graduation. I was so beyond excited to begin this internship as it was so difficult for me to obtain one. I will write about … Continue reading Et Tu, Medicus? You too, Doctor?


First Date Fail – The Masterbator

During the winter of 2014 through 2015 I went on a sort of dating binge where I pretty much went on a date with any man that showed any interest (via online dating). I was in the process of healing from the breakup that occurred at the end of 2014 and was still learning my … Continue reading First Date Fail – The Masterbator


Dating Can Suck – A Lot

Let me start off by acknowledging that dating and finding love can be difficult for everyone. No matter your race, ethnicity, religion, sex, ability, disability, etc. - the process of dating and finding love can suck for everyone. I will likely do several blogs on dating and love because it is such a large topic … Continue reading Dating Can Suck – A Lot