Making a Crib Accessible at a Low Cost

I wanted to get this post out since I have received such positive feedback on social media regarding the modification my husband, Greg, and father-in-law made to our crib.

Obviously a follow up blog will need to be uploaded soon to bridge the gap between trying to conceive and modifying a crib. I will be uploading at least one or two blogs to cover the last several months in the next couple weeks. However, on to the important information.

I am pregnant, as you’ll see in one of the videos below. Greg and his dad spent the last couple months brainstorming how to modify whatever crib we bought so that I could easily access the baby once he is born.

I find it outrageous that cribs modified to be accessible for parents with disabilities cost thousands of dollars. Let’s be honest, most people with disabilities are on a budget and cannot afford spending thousands of dollars on a modified a crib. I am pretty against spending large amounts of money unnecessarily when there could be a workaround. My entire life is about workarounds – thanks CP.

So Greg and I am bought a crib of our choosing then he and my father-in-law figured out how to modify it.

Please note the ability to apply the modifications discussed in the below video is going to depend on the kind of crib you have. We bought a four in one crib that can be converted into different kinds of beds for the child as they grow older ( i.e. a toddler bed). Based on how the crib itself is put together, Greg and his dad came up with a design to successfully and easily modify the crib.

I say easily because the end product looks quite simple but they did go through several variations of potential modification ideas before deciding on this one.

Not including the actual cost of the crib, Greg spent about $30 on the materials to modify the crib. Here is what he purchased:
30” piano hinge
2” caster wheel
Toggle latches

He also used some scrap 2×6 he found in our garage.

Here is the video of Greg explaining what they did. We hope it can help others who need a modified crib.

Seems pretty simple, right? I love it and I am so grateful for the work that Greg and my father-in-law did on the crib.

Here’s me trying out the modification for the first time 😂.

Very exciting stuff.

Until next time.



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